The Bed & Breakfast that we found for this trip was the Desert Dove. It is located on the east side of Tucson, and the location worked well for us. The B&B is located out in the country, not far from the edge of the Saguaro National Park.

We're going to show you more photos, but if you want to visit their homepage you'll find it at And yes, we stole their logo for our Desert Dove page - go visit their page to see the real thing, along with a lot more information about the wonderful Desert Dove!

The Victorian Rose Bedroom

This was our room for the trip. It was spacious, had a great step-down shower, and a walk-in closet where we unloaded everything. It was wonderful to live out of a full closet instead of suitcases.

There is a telephone outside in the hall, but not in the room - there also was no television, so this was the perfect place to completely unplug from the rest of the world for a few days, and use as a home base for our excursions around southern Arizona.

The Patio

This is the patio view from the Desert Dove. Not only is there a hot tub, but you can see the rustic trellis covering a wonderful sitting area. We went out here several times to soak in the beautiful scenery, but we couldn't use the hot tub because of Mitchel's broken arm! That's okay - we will definitely be back to try it out.


After telling Betty & Harvey what time we needed to get up, we had a restful night's sleep - there were even some coyotes howling in the distance as we went to bed. As we were getting dressed the next morning, we heard Harvey's voice calling out, "Coffee in the hall!" We enjoyed a hot cup before heading to the table.

Breakfast is served in a dining area ringed by antiques - each with their own individual story! If you visit the Desert Dove, be sure to ask about all the pieces. The breakfasts themselves were works of culinary art - DELICIOUS! Our hosts outdid themselves every morning, and the attention to detail was incredible. Betty should write a cookbook!

The Stove

One of the most interesting pieces in the house was an old 1927 stove lovingly restored by our hosts. It's just a few paces away from the breakfast table, so you can feel the warmth and catch a whiff of the fire as you're dining. Harvey was stoking the fire every morning, and it lent the perfect aire to the breakfast experience. We just had to stop and marvel at this beautiful piece!

Our Hosts

There just aren't enough kind words to describe Harvey and Betty Ross, our hosts. Although they are technically innkeepers, we felt like we were staying with friends instead of renting a room at a B&B. They were quick to accommodate every need, and even put up with us getting lost and arriving late (thanks guys!).

The B&B consists of a few rooms attached to their home, but separated by a hallway. There is a private guest entrance in the hall, which is where I was standing when I took this photo. By the way, to find the Desert Dove, look for the intersection of Broadway and Old Spanish Trail in Tucson, and drive 5.4 miles south on Old Spanish Trail (it's just East of Sarnoff on Broadway). The entrance to the B&B is to the East side of the road.

Harvey's Outhouse

Don't worry, these aren't the bathroom facilities - each room in the B&B has its own modern conveniences! One thing that all visitors should do, however, is to ask Harvey to see the classic old car that he is restoring. Part of the tour is this old, authentic outhouse - it's the real deal! Although not functional, it is definitely historical, and an interesting piece of nostalgia. After seeing it, we were SO thankful for indoor plumbing.

The Desert Dove

This is a view of the B&B from Harvey & Betty's workshop. The red car is our rental, and the other one belongs to guests that we got to visit with at breakfast every morning. It's a beautiful place, and as you can see from the sky around it, the B&B is on the far outskirts of the city - no buildings or city life to disturb the peace! It was truly the perfect place to stay.

Sunset at the B&B

One night, we returned just about the time that the sun was setting. We walked out to the garden to enjoy it, and you can't imagine all the colors that we saw. This photo doesn't begin to do it justice. When darkness fell, we were treated to a sight that you will NEVER see back home in Dallas. The sky was FULL of stars! We immediately picked out the familiar constellations: Big Dipper, Orion, etc. The amazing thing was that we could see hundreds of other constellations and stars, including the International Space Station and a planet or two. We were in awe.

Usually, when we re-visit a city we will try a different B&B just to get another flavor of the area. That won't be the case in Tucson, however. When we get to come back, we will definitely be staying at the Desert Dove.

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