Downtown Joe's

This brewpub was just a few blocks from the B&B. We stopped by on our last trip and got a tour of the brewing area, so when we decided to come back to Napa this stop was a must!

India Pale Ale

IPA's aren't our favorite, and this one lived up to our expectations. Overhopped, with a very light malt flavor. We didn't even bother to finish the sampler glass.

India Pale Ale (from the beer engine)

A true enigma - this beer was reportedly the same as the one above, but it tasted completely different. The warmer temperature seemed to balance to overall flavor, and made this a genuinely enjoyable brew.

Lickety Split Lager

This beer was extremely light with no hop finish. It may be a good lawn-mower beer, but probably isn't good for anything else.

Tale Waggin' Ale

This light/medium ale was lightly hopped, and was an enjoyable drink. A good beer for the summer months.

Past Due Dark Ale

Very malty, good body, perfectly balanced hop flavor. This complex beer was one of our favorites.

Golden Thistle Bitter

To our taste, this was severly overhopped for a bitter. The hops detracted from whatever bitter style was present, and we couldn't even finish the sampler glass.

Slipknot Stout

This dark beer had a nice, roasted barley flavor and nose. It was prepared in the classic stout style.

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