A Ghost Story From
The Stained Glass Manor

The Stained Glass Manor was built by Fannie Vick Willis Johnson, and some people think that Fannie may be coming back to visit. Several people have seen a lady standing in Fannie's bedroom, and even out on the front lawn. The current owner believes that when Fannie died she carried with her a terrible secret - that she had helped a friend of hers suffocate a crippled or retarded child up in the attic, out of the misguided notion that they were doing the young boy a favor since he could not take care of himself.

In the attic loft, many people have reported seeing a young man who was impaired in some way. A young boy told his parents that he had been playing with a young boy up in the attic, and still another took his parents up the stairs because he had been locked out of the attic where they were staying. As the family stood at the door trying to figure out what to do, it unlocked and opened from the inside. The parents were shocked, but the boy told his folks that it had been opened by the crippled boy inside.

Many interesting things happen at this historic old home, and if you'd like you can even spend the night there - it's not only a tour home, but a bed and breakfast as well.

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