Our graduate thesis from the

New Orleans School of Cooking

Our assignment from Chef Bang was to return home, cook one of the dishes that was prepared in class, then send a picture of it to the school. We chose jambalaya, with the slight modification of using turkey sausage instead of andouille sausage (we're having trouble finding andouille up here). This makes a *lot* of jambalaya... the next time we do this, we'll probably cut everything in half.

We started out the night before by grilling the chicken breasts and the turkey sausage, then cutting up the sausage and pulling apart the chicken so that it is in small pieces. They all went into the 'fridge for the meal.

The next day when we actually wanted to prepare the jambalaya, we chopped and chopped and chopped... all the vegetables that you see in the list. We were ready to cook.

Firing up the skillet, we sauteed the chicken and put it into a large pot (to warm it instead of cook it, since we grilled it last night). Next we did the same with the sausage, and finally all the vegetables one by one before adding them to the pot. We chose to actually brown the onions for a sweeter flavor, while just cooking the other veggies until they started to get tender.

During the process of sauteeing all that, we added the chicken stock to the pot along with the seasoning and starting heating it.

Once everything was in the pot, we brought it to a boil and added the rice. After 30 minutes, it looked and smelled *wonderful* so we took it out of the pot and put it into a glass dish for the photo. While we were setting up the camera and tripod, it was exremely hard not to dig in and start eating right then.

We really can't say enough about the morning we spent at the New Orleans School of Cooking. It was a lot of fun and the food was delicious. It's located in the Jackson Brewery building on the first floor at 620 Decatur Street, but you'd better call a week or two in advance to make sure that you get in; you can get your name on the list at (504)525-2665. When you get there, look for our photo on the wall:

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