Virginia Beverage Company

We found this brewpub in Alexandria, and ducked inside to get out of the afternoon sun (and of course, sample their wares). It was a beautiful place, laid out in a square with a glass-walled room in the center, showcasing the huge copper brewing tanks. Well worth a stop for a few brews and a meal. Below is a list of beers that they were serving when we visited!

Jones Point Light

o.g. 10.0
The maltiness of this beer is harmed by the rice-malt flavor and overhopping. It was definately not to our taste. There is a heavy, metallic aftertaste to this brew.

Extra Special Amber (ESA)

o.g. 12.5
This was the Virginia Beverage Company's answer to the classic ESB style. For that particular style, though, it was extremely light-bodied and overhopped. Mitchel was especially critical of this beer, since his favorite brew is Fuller's ESB. This one wasn't even a close imitation.

Nitro Stout

o.g. 14.0
A sweet, creamy stout. The hop balance was perfect, and this beer was a wonderful example of a British stout. The roasted barley aroma made this beer a full-sensory pleasure.

Native Dark

This amber ale had a good balance between hops and malt, and also boasted a clear, copper coloring. Even though it was billed as a dark, it was a perfect amber ale. Definately worth having a pint.


A soft, clove aftertaste, slight banana esters in the nose, this wheat beer was perfect to style. It was a delicious, refreshing brew.

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