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A successful book isn't something that's written, published, and put on a bookstore shelf. It is constructed step by step, from the initial idea that you have in the middle of your daily drive home, to the writing, re-writing, and even more writing, and the long, sometimes-painful road to getting it published.

When the book is finally in your hands, you're only just getting started. Even with a distributor, you're going to have to help get it in stores, and then convince people to buy it, to say nothing of the sales and marketing that you will have to do on the Internet. There will be media lists to compile, review copies to send out, and of course you will need an effective press kit. You'll do radio interviews, print interviews, and work to get your book reviewed in newspapers and magazines.

Whew! I'm tired just writing about it. But that's why I say that a successful book is constructed. There are many elements that must be carefully assembled to build a solid house - and the same is true if you want to have a successful book.

It sounds like a daunting task - almost impossible! The good news is that there are many people who have done this before you, and so there are some clear blueprints to follow. Can you imagine walking onto a vacant lot, and starting to build a house by yourself with no forethought or training? I can't! Heck, I'd go buy a how-to book just to build a doghouse! If you were going to build a house you'd read about foundations, plumbing, electricity, and general construction. You'd talk to professional builders, watch instructional videos, and search the web for tricks and tips. Along the way, you'd check and re-check the procedures that you were using.

It's the same way with constructing your book. Whether it was published by a huge New York house, or self-published out of your home, I would encourage you to get instruction at every step of the way. Attend writer's conferences, search the web for information (you can start with some of the free articles on this site), and buy the instructional books that you need to be successful. I've done it time and again - so I know that you can, too!

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