The Old Faithful Geyser Basin

There were brilliantly colored pools all around the area. They were steaming hot, but the minerals in them showed us beautiful patterns and hues.
We ran across this guy who was lumbering along beside the walk, looking for food and oblivious to the rest of the world. Someone told us that he was a Marmet - whatever he was, he was cute, and we had a good time watching him.
This is the Giant geyser, and although it wasn't scheduled to erupt for several hours, it was steaming to the point where we couldn't see the trail as we walked by!
This little fellow wasn't shy at all, running along the walkway and visiting with the park guests.
The Grotto Geyser was extremely interesting. It had a dome formation, but there were several windows where you could see the water and steam splashing around inside. We were fortunate enough to see it erupting before we left.
As we finished the walk through the geyser basin, we were still passing little pockets of bubbling and steam. This area was our first exposure to Yellowstone, and it was amazing.

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