The Hidden Falls Hike

Jenny Lake was beautiful. It stretched over to the very base of the Grand Teton range, and we took a boat across the lake to the trailhead. The boats went back and forth every fifteen minutes, so there wasn't a long wait. On the plus side, they write down your names as you leave shore, so they'll know if you don't make it back!
As we started snaking our way up into the mountains, we had some wonderful views. In this one, for example, you can see the clouds hanging around the mountain tops.
While we were following the trail, we came upon a deer who was having lunch on one of the pathside bushes. We were very careful to creep quietly by her, but as it turned out, she didn't care at all that we were there. We watched her for five minutes or so, and finally moved on.
The paths were laid out well, and here is a bridge over the river that we were following up the mountain. Since we knew that we were going to see something called the Hidden Falls, the river wasn't a surprise - its beauty was incredible, though. Something that we couldn't have imagined.
Yep, it was raining again, so we broke out the panchos and bundled up. Like we've said many times, the rain didn't matter one bit. Everyone that we met was having a wonderful time, and we grabbed a nearby traveller to snap a photo of us.
We mentioned the beauty of this small river earlier, but what we can't describe is its sound. There were places where the force of the water was thundering! This is one of the more level places that the river was running through, but the power was phenominal - you just have to experience it.
We almost didn't put a photo of the falls on the web page, because there is absolutely no way that the camera we were using could capture the majesty and beauty of the Hidden Falls. There are benchs there where visitors can sit and watch the falls, and we highly recommend the experience.
On the ride back across the lake, the rain started up again, and it got COLD! This photo is of Tami enjoying the leisurely ride back. Remember what we said before - dress in layers! That really didn't help in this case, but hey, it did in most other instances on the trip.

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