Mad River Whitewater Rafting

We signed on with the Mad River Rafting Company for a four-hour adventure on the Snake River. The first part of the trip was easy paddling, and very scenic.
Around every bend of the river was a picture-postcard scene. Between the beautiful trees along the shore and the mountains framing the background, we enjoyed a wonderful view of Wyoming.
Everyone was listening to our guide for instructions and the tales of his other river adventures. Charlie was great - at one minute he was pointing out a bald eagle's nest, and the next he was steering us toward a fun bit of rapids in the river.
Halfway on our trip we stopped for lunch. Some of the folks from Mad River had gone ahead with food and supplies, so the burgers and hot dogs were sizzling on the grill when we got there.
After lunch the river got a little rougher, and we were expecting some exciting some serious white water.
It didn't take long! Mitchel is second from the front on the left, wearing a hat, and Tami is second from the front on the right wearing sunglasses.
The rapids were incredibly exciting! We'd see a huge wave right in front of us, right before the boat tried to rise up over it. As you can see, we weren't always successful.
That was part of the enjoyment of the trip, though. The more rapids that we went through, the wetter we were getting, and the more fun we were having.
By the end of the trip we were drenched and ecstatic with the day. You just HAVE to go whitewater rafting. We're huge fans, and can't wait until our next trip!

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