After you drive under the archway, a winding road takes you up the mountain and through the aspen trees to a luxury resort 1,000 feet above Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Although it's only a few minutes out of town, you feel like you're wonderfully secluded in the wilderness at Spring Creek Ranch.

This was the most beautiful room of the trip, and we certainly felt the most pampered here. It was actually very plush, but was built with a rustic look. For example, the king-size bed had a natural wood frame with a denim bedspread.
All of the furniture was natural wood - this place seemed to be in perfect balance with the nature around us.
Although you can see that the room has a television, it was much more appealing to step out on the balcony and soak up the view of the Grand Tetons.
One cloudy afternoon, there was a small break that let the sun send a few rays down into the valley in front of the mountains. It was just one of those things that you had to be there to see, and could have been one of the most beautiful sights of the trip. The

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