Lake Yellowstone Hotel

We were on the second floor, and had a beautiful view of the lake from our window. You could see the snow-capped mountains in the distance, with a row of pine trees out in front.
The room was nice and cozy, and in keeping with the theme of the trip, had no television. The seclusion from the outside world was almost perfect.
The rest of the room included a place to hang our clothes, and a small desk where we wrote some postcards and made a few phone calls, assuring everyone that we were safe and would be home in a week or so.
The outside of the hotel was very majestic, and it was easy to look at it and imagine its hundred year history. We could have just as easily been viewing it in the heyday of the 1920's. We hope that it looks just the same another hundred years from now, and another couple like us comes along to marvel at its history.
One of the more beautiful parts of the trip was watching a storm move across Lake Yellowstone. We saw it in the far distance, as you can see in this photo, and just sat and watched until the rain was actually beating at our window. Magnificiant. As much as we enjoyed the geysers and such at the Old Faithful Inn, this place had its own individual charm.

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