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Mitchel has been published in national titles, regional books, periodicals, and every aspect of the industry - he has over forty-four years of combined industry experience. The most important thing of all, though, is that he's still in the game. He speaks at conferences, does bookstore signings, and spends a good part of every day promoting his products. His favorite quote is from Michaelangelo on the occasion of his 87th birthday: "Ancora Imparo", which means "I Am Still Learning".

Over 40 years of writing experience... which Mitchel has:
  • Penned short stories published in a wide variety of genres, from sci/fi to horror, and fantasy to historical fiction.
  • Authored books ranging from the 1990's non-fiction Debunking the Y2K Terrors and Tales to the whimsical comedy Uncle Bubba's Chicken Wing Fling.
  • Won the 2015 Illumination Book Award in the category of Christian Fiction for his fictional The Midnight Saint.
  • Been published in most every format possible: regional and national magazines, newspapers, ebooks, ezines, regional books and national books.
  • Served as a named editor of seven national anthologies in the arena of both fiction and non-fiction.

Over 22 years of publishing experience...

...gaining a reputation as a hands-on, successful publisher:
  • Founded a small press, 23 House Publishing, in 1998; the house was a finalist for several of the industry's EPPIE awards within the first two years of operation, and recently received an Independent Publisher Bronze Medal from the IBPA for excellence in publishing.
  • Co-founded Atriad Press in 2002, a national publishing house focusing on non-fiction trade paperback books, including the popular Haunted Encounters series.

Mitchel is a frequent guest on radio programs across the country, and speaks at conferences across the United States...

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